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Let us do you a favor!

About Us!

Welcome to Do You A Favor! Party Design and Workshops!

We are a new to the area, party design and workshop space! We do everything from fun craft workshops, mobile party hosting and planning, take home craft kit boxes, ceramics and party favors, to custom made gifts and decor! Contact us and lets create something together!

Our Workshop Information!

Located easily off Freeport Rd in Natrona Heights, our business is geared towards mobile party services, craft workshops, parties, and just good times and good vibes in general!! Offering everything from basic party design and/or full event planning, and craft workshops, to just party favors, invitations, or just simply an small event space to create a unique atmosphere of your own for your party/event, we have something here for everyone! Workshop space accommodating 12-20 depending on area needed for individual workshop!

Contact us for more information!

Meet the Artists

Learn a little more about our crew!


Emily Sweeny

Drawing, Painting & Consignment


Amber Haught

Event Coordinator, Crafts, and Co-Owner


Tammy Jakicic

Owner, Ceramics, Crafts and Scentsy Consultant

As a 2019 graduate of Edinboro University with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Media art, Emily has been working in advertising in the downtown Pittsburgh area for the last few years. Now, in her free time, she does instructional painting workshops and many different pieces on consignment, including personalized paintings, fabric pouches and bags, and scrunchies! Come learn new skills and techniques all while creating your very own work of art!

Her history in party planning for family and friends has earned her the Fairy Godmother title. With 1 sweet son and 8 crazy godchildren, this girl knows how to throw a party! In addition to her other former and current jobs in the service industry (Massage therapist, bartender and server), Amber is great with people and knows how to get things done! Although the parties and events are her forte, she does craft workshops Sundays-Tuesdays! Thinking of having an event soon? Get in touch with her and see what magic she can stir up for YOU!  

Having raised her 4 children and now enjoying her grandchildren, Tammy has an eye for creativity and has decided to put it to better use! Opening the workshop with her daughter Amber has filled her free time with the business planning, organizing vendor shows and her ceramic memberships and classes. In addition to all she has on her hands, she is a Scentsy Independent Consultant and her specials and limited time offers are displayed in house! Stop by for a sneak peek smell and learn more about products and her ceramics!


Tammy is also a Reimbursement Specialist for CCN Pharmacy | 724-257-2166 | 724-257-2166 | 724-257-2166

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