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Watercolor Paint

Paintings by Emily

Instructional Paint Classes available by request! Classes every Saturday! Check our Facebook page, call or email us for the most recent calendar of events or to schedule your class! 

Lantern Nightscape

A classic lantern in the moonlight! Emily will help you capture the elegance of the piece!


Rose by any other color!

A simple rose, but any color you desire! Learn how to create something so quaint but so beautiful, with the personalized color choice!


Personalized Fantasy Caricature! 

This being a purchase piece only, Emily will create you as a caricature of your choice! Price and style can vary so call or message today to book your consultation!


Nighttime Cityscape

A neon lit cityscape gives off that a modern vibe! A favorite among the staff here!


Campsite Clearing!

A woodsy theme, this family camping in the forest is a great addition to any rustic room! Steal some skills in painting as you create your one of a kind piece! 


Personalized Pet Caricatures!

Another purchase piece only! Do you absolutely LOVE your pet? YES! Do you absolutely NEED a hand drawn picture of them? Also YES! Book your consultation today and have it hanging in your house soon!

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